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about me

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I am a farmer's daughter whose roots run deep for the agriculture community. My parents lovingly taught me to love and serve God, and I continued that legacy with my own four children alongside my amazing husband of 26 years. My husband and I have lived in Owasso, Oklahoma since the 80's. It is where we went to school and where we fell in love. I have always had a passion for the amazing and perfectly chaotic way God created nature, so after high school I pursued that by earning a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Rogers State University. After seeing such a desperate need for teachers in Oklahoma, I decided to obtain my teaching certification to teach high school science. With my husband and teenage children cheering me on, I embarked on this journey as a teacher for Tulsa Public Schools. I will be the first to admit I led a sheltered life growing up. The first year of teaching was rough, as I came face to face with vastly different cultures and mindsets than I had ever known. But what captured my heart was the sweet children underneath the sometimes rough exteriors. They touched my soul with their big dreams and even bigger hearts. My students have taught me true patience and compassion. I never knew I could love a job as much as I love teaching my students. I have the privilege of mentoring and leading them as they discover the miracle of science, and as

they navigate these uncertain times. They are truly like my own children, and I would move mountains to give them the best education and protect them from harm. As a parent, I was unaware of the dark cloud of corruption creeping into our schools. It wasn't until I began to teach that I witnessed the spiritually damaging programs, liberal brainwashing, and political indoctrination being slipped into our schools. The means are clever and well-funded. As a Christian, I could not remain silent. Silence equals permission. When the LGBTQ national mandate was forced on my students under the guise of SeXXX Education in a 2 week class, I boycotted it and alerted all my students' parents. It was successfully taken away from most of the students' young eyes. I continue to model my Faith in God openly in my classroom, because amidst all the confusion I know where they will find true wisdom, strength, and love. Although I strictly teach science lessons and not indoctrination of unrelated subjects, it is easy for my students to see where I stand, by the love I show them every day.

When it comes to my beloved State of Oklahoma, my first priority is to place God as the foundation of every decision I make. I firmly support the United States Constitution and the Republic it represents. Our freedoms in Oklahoma, including our right to bear arms, must be protected. I also hold all life valuable, and will not rest until abortion is abolished in our state. I am conservative through and through, and want to make sure every Oklahoman is able to enjoy full freedom and pursuit of the American dream. I believe a State Representative is a servant to their people and am ready to work hard representing my constituents and letting their voices be heard.

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