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My platform

Image by Aditya Romansa


I believe that all life is sacred and given by God. It is valuable, and I will not rest until abortion is abolished in our State!

Image by Anthony Garand

Constitutional Freedom

If you are forced to inject your body with any substance against your will, you are not truly free.

We must stand agains tyrannical mandates forcing masks, vaccines and oppressing businesses.

Election Day

Election integrity

Election integrity is one of the foundational elements of our system of government. I will support and work for a forensic audit of Oklahoma elections to ensure their integrity.


The Border

Our first responsibility should be our citizens and securing Oklahoma borders from foreign nationals and refugees.

Rifle Bullets

2nd Amendment 

Our freedoms in Oklahoma, including our right to bear arms, must be protected and shall not be infringed.


Oklahoma First

Our first priority should be Oklahoma business. As a farmers daughter I know the importance of raising and buying local. Our government is trying its best to buy big businesses and drown out the local people of our great state. We must implement and support Oklahoma First. I will champion your rights!

Image by Susan Q Yin


As a school teacher and a mother I see everyday the progressive liberal attack that is trying to tear down our children. The spiritual damage, brainwashing, and political indoctrination must be stopped. Our voices must be heard and we cannot remain silent!

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